Note di regia

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Director’s Notes

Light enters the forests in conjunction with shade. They alternate, cross, play as figure and counterfigure,

as living spaces between silence and noise. It is as if the trees want to escape the forest. But they cannot.

They grow in search of light, they stretch to reach higher than the others but remain anchored in the same

spot, one next to the other, in regular lines that define a perspective.

The forest is the central place for the encounter between Dani and Michele. It is the space in which they

follow each other, push each other away, get to know each other. It is a space in which Nature becomes

theater. A space where reality becomes a place for the soul, a space that hosts meanings and metaphors

that transcend itself, ready to turn into a dream.

Like my first film Shun Li and the Poet, La prima neve is built in a constant dialogue between documentary

and fiction, between the closest and most direct rapport with reality and the choice of intimate moments

built up through minute attention to the details of the script. The same holds true for working with the

actors: locals and professional actors interact with one another, in a process of cross-contamination

between reality and acting. What this second film of mine adds is the opportunity to work with the energy

and unpredictability of children.

Andrea Segre

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On 09/02/2013

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