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Making films that tell real stories. Fiction films and documentaries that are different forms of the same

language, of cinema. Andrea Segre and Jolefilm have always shared the idea that cinema is able to tell

difficult, local stories, tied to a particular territory but whose depiction of the pain and suffering of their

protagonists move a universal audience. We tried to do this with First Snowfall, which relates overcoming

deep pain through sharing, dialogue, affection, and listening.

Perhaps the word “sharing” is also the most precise characterization of our way of making films.

We build up a compact crew, all of whom know the story in depth, who talk about it and discuss it.

Clarity, listening and, exactly, sharing have become the main characteristics of our production approach

and the road we have all travelled together.

The film has also gathered support from the Film Commission of Trentino and Trentino Marketing spa, the

collaboration of Rai Cinema, the contribution from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and the

support of private partners, Montura and Davide Orsoni, who had already accompanied us during the first

film Shun Li and the Poet.

With our crew and the precious participation of the inhabitants of Valle dei Mocheni we have tried to tell

this story, a real story, a difficult story.

“Change” is the other word that must distinguish independent productions and in part it is happening.

In this 70th edition of the Venice Film Festival the Artistic Director Barbera has selected independent

films, with innovative languages and heterogeneous formats: he has selected the Italian Cinema of today,

without constraints and prejudices.

Francesco Bonsembiante and Marco Paolini

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On 08/02/2013

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