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Up to Palù coming from Fierozzo the language spoken is Mocheno, a type of ancient German.

Coming up to Palù from Sant’Orsola, only Trentino dialect is spoken. Some call it Italian Mocheno.

In Palù the valley is born and you go back to where you came from.

Or you go up higher.

Beyond the Masi, typical dairy farms, towards the seven crests, up to Lake Erdemolo, along the black rocks

of Lagorai.

Palù is at 1600 meters, Sant’Orsola at less than 1000, Fierozzo just a bit higher.

So when the larches above Palù are yellow, in Sant’Orsola they are still green.

While the beeches and the birches change leaves first. Red, okra, orange, violet, amaranth.

But in the beechwoods there are no firs or pines. They only get mixed up with the larches.

Mountain bees do not love the larches, only the firs. The ones that get lost in the larches risk making

honeydew and the hives break.

Hardly anyone has bees in the valley anymore and even the cows have almost disappeared.

There are two, maybe three sheep and goat shepherds. They go up through the woods above Frassilongo,

towards the high pastures of Kamauz and Roveda. Instead, there are still many hunters. Two bucks and

one doe a year for each township. Not one more, this is the rule. But many more fawns.

Everyone knows who hunted what. Talk spreads from town to town, from maso to maso, the old wooden

and stone houses handed down in families from one generation to the next, like microcosms in that old

and silent archipelago that hosts our story.

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